We are a small, simple family who lives in Hedekas.

The family consists of me (Marika),

my husband Dick and our daughter.

 We live about 3 km out of town with our three  papillons, Lizzie,  Nova, Tizzla and our Australian Kelpie Chipset .

 There is also two cats in the house ,  Nisse and Medina   

They mostly potter around all day, chase a few mice and play… (just as it should be)


I work as a personal assistant/carer and my big passion and hobby is the dogs.
My  main interest is agility but we also do search, obedience and rally obedience in moderate doses.

My husband and his Chipset spend lots of time in the woods (search) and on the obediencefield


We also spend a lot of time walking in the forest which I think the dogs apprechiate the most.

My big dream has always been to one day start a small kennel in a home environment and in a small scale.

To slowly bring up healthy and sound dogs with good temperament.

Now my dream is real .

Both my husband and I had a very active doglife before our dauther was born in 1993...

We had a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever, a Shetland sheepdog, a German shepherd and a bordercollie.

The interest for exhibitions were great but very time consuming.

Once our lovley dauther came into the world there was not enough time left for the doglife


In March 2006 our daughter celebrated her 13th birthday

and as a present she received a little papillon-puppy who got the name "Lizzie".


We all immediately fell in love with her.

There is amazingly so much dog in this little body...

 We decided quite soon that little Lizzie should have a friend. 


At Christmas 2006, I received an email from Doris Wergård

Whispering Valley

who told me that she had a little bitch named Tiffon Dream .

Two days later we had a coffe in Doris kitchen

As you can imagine, it was easy to decide..she was like an little angel.

In April 2007 we broght home the little angel.. 

 I was as happy as a child.

We gave here the name Tiffie

(Unfortunately we lost her in a tragic dogattack in april 2017

10 years old.  )



In December 2009 we brouht home another little angel..our third papillonbitch which we named Nova 

Nova is from Advantic´s Kennel and her father JumJum is Tiffies halfbrother

She is a sweetie and she is our new star :) 

Plans for Nova is agility, dogshows and  she will also be a mother

One litter is planned for Advantics Kennel


 In November 2011 became Nova and

Whispering Valley Magic Michael (Mikey) parents of five puppies.

3 female and 2 male.

Two puppies are still in the Tiffon´s Kennel

Tiffon´s Amazing Star

is staying at our house and

Tiffon´s Handsome Star

are moving to Vänersborg in Sweden 


In january 2015 a new little girl moved in to our home

A sweet little girl with lots of power


Her name is Amirace Akela but my husband named her


Chipset and Dick have big plans in the future and I´m so excited to follow them.



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