A dream I have had for a very long time has now finally come true.


is born…


Our goal is to produce healthy  dogs with good temperament and to build up our kennel slowly.

  I guess that both I and the girls enjoy the Agillity the most but we are often on the
exhibition and gladly test new things ..we are also intressted in search, tracking and obedience  


  All of our dogs is a big part of our life and they are and they are with us on almost everything

Frequent long walks through the forest is seen by both us and the dogs as a really nice way to relax.

Our kennel is located in Hedekas and we are surrounded by nature with large meadows around us so our dogs have plenty of space to run around.


Our puppies will be growing up in a calm and safe home environment with all the daily distractions a

puppy need to experience and learn.


    Click here to see our plans

Our puppies will obviously be brought up following the rules of SKK and will be registered with SKK.






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